KCE Powerwash Keeps It Pristine

A positive first impression can help a business to stand out from the competition. KCE Powerwash gives trucks and equipment a clean image from top to bottom. Not only will a company’s appearance be more visually appealing with a fresh wash, but properly maintaining the equipment will minimize wear and tear and protect it at the same time.

A High-Powered Wash Reduces Damage

Gravel, dirt, sand, and fluid leaks can erode the exterior of trucks and expensive equipment if it’s allowed to remain in place. Removing it promptly can reduce the amount of damage these substances can cause. Pressure washing uses high powered water to remove debris from the surface and intricate areas to keep machinery in tip-top shape and looking great, while power washing uses high pressured water that’s heated. By removing unsightly stains and dirt regularly, it will improve the lifespan of the equipment and protect the paint and metal surfaces from deterioration.

The Care is the Same for One Truck or a Fleet

Commercial power washing takes cleaning to the next level. By using pressurized water, tiny bits of debris can safely be lifted from the exterior and washed away. This limits the need for brushes that can scrape and damage paint or metal. Each vehicle is treated the same, whether it’s a fleet of trucks or just a single unit. A clean vehicle is easier to inspect, so problems can be detected earlier and resolved before they get out of hand.

Remember to Clean the Workstations

It’s essential to retain a clean trucking fleet, but the facility where they are kept can benefit by having the floors, maintenance areas, fuel stations, and other high traffic spots scrubbed, as well. Oil, gas, and other chemicals can drip or spill onto the floors, making them slippery and hazardous or permanently stained if not removed promptly. Power washing removes fluids that have penetrated the surface without damaging the top layer while doing so.

By enlisting the services of an experienced power washing company, a business can maintain a strong appearance and a level of professionalism that sets it apart from the competition. It can also help a business to meet environmental and safety standards. Well maintained equipment not only looks good, but it also performs better.