How to Employ Foreign Nationals in Your Singapore Company

How to Employ Foreign Nationals in Your Singapore Company

Every year about few thousand foreign owned companies get registered in Singapore. At the same time, the number of foreign professionals working in the country has gone up considerably and now over one-third of the entire working population in Singapore comprises of overseas professionals. Although this year saw a number of amendments introduced on the employment pass scheme to ensure only the best minds were able to live and work in Singapore, overall it is fairly simple for a company to employ foreign nationals in the country. Firstly companies that need to employ foreigners for whatever reason must ensure they apply for an employment pass for each of the foreign professional they want to employ. The employment pass is actually the main type of work visa meant for foreigners that want to work in Singapore.

Obtaining an employment pass takes about a month and authorities would check the background of both the professional who is being employed as well as the company that is employing the foreigner. With the recent changed introduced in the eligibility criteria for an employment pass, authorities in Singapore would look at the relevant work experience of the foreign professional, their educational qualifications as well as their existing and offered salaries in Singapore. The third criterion, that of salary is an important addition to the eligibility for employment pass as Singapore wants to ensure highly skilled professionals who already have a good professional background are able to enter the country. Foreign companies that are about to incorporate in Singapore and need to bring in staff from their head office can apply for the employment pass immediately after receiving the certificate of incorporation. Again it must be noted that an application has to be submitted for each of the overseas staff members they wish to relocate.

Ministry of Manpower (MoM) in Singapore processes employment pass applications and they would ensure that the employment offered is legitimate and whether all rules and regulations are being followed. If a company in Singapore wants to employ a foreigner who is already working in the country for another company, they must endorse a new application for the foreign professional as each employment pass is connected to one employer. Moment the foreigner stops working for the company that originally employed them, their employment pass expires immediately. Hence for change of companies, foreigners need to apply for the employment pass again endorsed by the new company employing them.

Dont Pay For Your Employment Verification Forms Sign up And Get Them For Free

Renting out a property is no easy task for professionals, much less for the small, part time, or independent landlord or property manager. Checking out a potential renter can be a time consuming task, and the myriad of laws can leave them open for a law suit. Verification of one's employment is one area that needs extra caution, but well prepared employment verification form can navigate such rough waters easily. The employment verification form is among the most important pieces of information that can be done on a prospective renter, as the property manager or landlord can be confident they can pay the rent on time. An employment verification form can also insulate against suit and civil action.

There is no law preventing an employer from disclosing to anyone that a person works for them, but since the employer is trying to avoid law suits themselves, tend to only disclose such info with explicit permission from the employee, and typically what they reveal is limited. An employment verification form gains that permission, without going into too much detail. But then again, all that is really needed is that they are currently employed, and possibly when they started, as stability is a good thing in a tenant. Now, a real estate attorney can draft up an employment verification form that will comply with all applicable laws. But they tend to charge a fairly hefty fee for doing so. A paralegal will do it for less, but they still charge.

However, if you sign up for a free account at MyPropertyManager, then you will have access to forms that are tailored for the laws of each state for free. That's right; free employment verification forms anytime you need one. Considering that a few might be needed every time you go to rent a property, this can be a real money saver. Considering the savings of both time and money, a free employment verification form from My Property Management will quickly prove to be among your most valuable tools. If done in conjunction with perhaps a renter's history, credit report, and phone screening, and full informed and educated decision can be made to make sure that you rent to the best prospect so the relationship potential is fully realized.

A Guide to The Workers Compensation Claim Process

The large majority of business employers are required by law to offer you workers' compensation . This insurance program is meant both to support employees in the event of personal injury or impairment and also to protect the business from legal actions. Even while the compensation guidelines may seem challenging, there are numerous points one can remember while going through the legal aspects of your situation. For any worker to seek workers' comp benefits, they need to register a request with his or her boss. All states have into their workers' compensation legislation a statute of limitations to supply workers with a certain time period to turn in their request. Whenever this period of time comes to an end, the worker will not be allowed to apply for worker's comp. That's why it is advisable to notify your superior at once in order for you to seek workers' compensation following an injury.

To guarantee your company will see this application, put it on paper and be sure you hold on to a dated duplicate of this for your personal records. You will likely prefer to acquire the services of an attorney. Though the claim is based on you and your condition, an attorney can benefit you when facing the legal areas. A lawyer will help you file on time and properly, answer questions you might have regarding your options, and could help prove in the court that your injuries did actually occur in the workplace. Employing a quality lawyer working for you could actually help in several ways, and in reality, workers' compensation matters can be infamously complicated without them. For those declined for workers' compensation from your current employer, speak to your state's workers' compensation authorities right away. You'll have a time frame of about twelve to thirty-six months to submit an application to your state agency, depending on your state's time limits. Any request lodged after that time will be turned down, and you will no longer have the option to obtain compensation.

Guarantee that your attorney has re-evaluated your workers' comp claim and that they have attached all applicable medical information. These reports should include your prognosis, treatment method or medicine that was taken, how this accident pertains to your work, and what your physician expects about your recovery time. You might also choose to individually document any emotional troubles, like anxiety or depression, that have come about because of your work accident. Ultimately, try to figure out who your claims examiner is with the state administrative bureau. In most cases, he or she can help you in your quest for workers' comp. If the compensation request is turned down following an administrative session, keep your 'Notice of Decision' letters, which will notify you as to the number of days you have left to appeal.